Behavioral Health online Resources

The following links are online resouces for the community.
The list is not all-inclusive.

Network Service Provider Listing

CSP Employee Language Listing 

Work-Life Benefit Plan
Free confidential online assistance to tribal employees. Contact HR for information and a code to use this service.

SAMHSA's National Mental Health Information Center
Self-help, recovery, networking and survivor information and resources.

Arizona Smokers Helpline Ashline

National Mental Health Consumer's Self-Help Clearing House
A consumer run national technical assistance center.

Online Recovery Mental Health
Mental health and substance abuse self-help groups and links.

Selfhelp Magazine
Articles, discussion forums, resources and a newsletter dedicated to self-help issues.

Arizona Department of Behavioral Health ADHS/DBHS Clinical Practice Protocols

Arizona Department of Health Services Best Practices Guide

Medication Formulary

AHCCCS Claims Inquiries 



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